Experts in HD-UV printing technology with Eco Soy inks.

H&D stands out due to its early adoption and commitment to high-definition HD-UV offset printing technology. We offer the latest advanced technologies available in the industry today. Our proprietary HD-UV printing process offers many significant advantages, especially when printing on uncoated stocks even with textured finishes or with high percentage recycled content. Since HD-UV inks dry when exposed to UV light, the inks do not have the time to soak into the paper. The ink dot is left sitting on top of the sheet, where it presents a cleaner less contaminated dot than traditional offset, ultimately giving more detail, sharper images and more vibrant color. Our unique process also allows us to print highly durable waterproof and washable products on synthetic substrates like restaurant chain menus and Point-Of-Purchase visual merchandising. We also offer several special effect HD-UV treatments, done in line, in one pass, like enhanced soft touch coating or gloss/dull strike through techniques that can give your projects a special look and feel.

Enhanced Soft Touch Coating

Through its HD-UV technology, H&D offers an enhanced Soft Touch coating process. Soft Touch creates both a velvety texture and softer look to printed materials. The softness increases the tactile appeal. Soft Touch coating also creates a barrier that is fingerprint resistant for darker color palettes. It is applied in-line as a part of the printing process and assists with a quick drying time. Soft Touch is non-yellowing, and eco-friendly. “Luxurious” and “sophisticated” are words often used to describe Soft Touch coated print products. This tactile sensation increases the engagement with your prospect or customer.

Gloss/Dull Strike-Through Technique

H&D’s HD-UV technology also allows for a gloss/dull strike-through technique to be done in-line, all in one pass. We apply an overall gloss UV coating to coated stock and then print a spot wax-free dull varnish which migrates through the gloss coating to flatten specific areas of the print product. The areas not touched by the dull varnish remain as a high gloss lacquer finish and pop against the flat background. Doing this process all in one pass with UV inks in-line allows for tighter registration and trapping for silhouetted product images, square up images, logos and large text as well as making this special technique very cost effective.

Along with being highly skilled in HD-UV ink, we also have years of experience in the following areas:

Indigo Digital & Digital – R

H&D offers multiple digital printing processes from black and white digital to high-end 4-color Indigo digital and everything in between. Variable data can be executed on all our digital equipment, allowing personalization throughout. Our Indigo presses have been calibrated to print within 2% of spot PMS colors and are the highest-end digital devices on the planet. Our Digital – R presses are ideal for fast turnaround time and price-sensitive projects. All of our digital equipment helps support our web-to-print and print-on-demand digital storefronts.

Inventory Management & Shipping Solutions

H&D offers inventory “storage” and management, kitting (packaging), fulfillment, and worldwide distribution. We can ship preprinted items in bulk from your inventory for lowest price per piece and also combine those items with requested print-on-demand items. We can pack them together and ship anywhere in the world. This allows the lowest production cost with the highest level of expedience and flexibility.


We print and send millions of pieces of mail per month utilizing the latest, high-speed, most cost-efficient mailing equipment in the industry. You don’t have to worry about calculating postage rates; we do that for you, and comingle pieces for the lowest possible expense. H&D is a bonded mail house, which means we protect the confidentiality of your mailing list. We also offer Accutrace mail tracking for all print jobs, so you can track your mail in “real time” to businesses and homes. When you choose H&D for direct mail services, you have significant opportunities to save. Because of our high volume printing, and state-of-the-art cost efficient mailing equipment, your company could save up to 20% on its overall printing budget.

Direct To Press

Direct to Press is a type of offset printing press in which the plate is imaged directly on the press with built-in laser exposure units. The laser records the image onto the plate via digital files stored on the onboard press computer. The print quality is excellent with direct imaging (DI) presses because the actual process of printing is still based on conventional offset technology. Many of the manual steps of conventional prepress and presswork are eliminated, such as creating metal plates, and mounting and registering plates on the press. When a new plate is ready to be imaged on a direct imaging press, the plate is automatically fed onto the plate cylinder from a spool, like an old analog film roll. Compared to a conventional offset press without direct imaging capabilities, the preparation time per job is greatly decreased when using a direct imaging press.

Web-To-Print/Digital Storefront

H&D offers you access to your own inventory of previous and current print jobs via the web, which you can visit at any time from any internet connection. Using a user name and password, you can view and order custom amounts of your print products and we have the capability to send to multiple locations. You control what inventory is kept in stock, and what you need printed on-demand. It’s like having your own personal store. We will advise you how to keep costs down by printing in volume in advance for on-hand inventory or printing on demand for best possible prices. You have ability to view your customized proofs in seconds, at any time from any internet connection. We offer template driven customizable items where you can edit existing information or add a logo to your materials. You can then view an instant PDF proof with the changes, and then place the order.

Our storefronts offer:

  • Full secure sign-in with controlled access to your materials
  • Flexible and easy to understand user controls
  • Budgets and cost centers for full supervisionover budgeting, and reconciliation
  • Prefilled templates (i.e. a business card template allows you to insert a new name and contact information for a new employee, while the layout stays the same and see an instant pdf proof)
  • Control over approval rights
  • Access to real time back-end reporting allowing you to know who is placing orders, what they are ordering, how usage translates to sales, printing and shipping costs, and static items inventory levels
  • Reduced time and money spent on print projects by controlling and automating the creative and production process

Wide Format Digital

H&D offers high-definition wide format digital printing including flatbed onto rigid substrates, role-to-role and I-cut for shaped graphics, window signage and clings. We stock multiple substrates for quick turnaround production of most point-of-purchase visual merchandising and signage.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Personalized One-To-One Marketing with customization of text and images can all be altered for each individual digital project and we have the expertise to do it right. When you combine our expertise with your creative ideas and take full advantage of VDP, together we can increase the response rate to your direct marketing campaigns.